Honestly nothing is as bittersweet as memories of days gone by, with them come regrets and proud moments. No matter the our complicated relationship with the past it is evidence of our existence and our desire to be relevant and matter in whatever capacity, To be seen, heard and felt. Having said that I was delighted to rediscover my old inactive blog. Obviously I cringe at some of what my younger self was thinking about back then but very happy to relive those moments in time and only wish that I could have written more.

I post therefore I am.


I post therefore I am

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experience....and how about you fuk off and let me be.
I have no intent of hanging around today but here all the same just to
take that seemingly all important roll call, "I WAS HERE 3/11/2012"
that seem to be as old as the world if cave paintings is anything to
go by not to mention where those writings tend to pop up, toilet
walls, desks, dirty cars....