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experience....and how about you fuk off and let me be.
I have no intent of hanging around today but here all the same just to
take that seemingly all important roll call, "I WAS HERE 3/11/2012"
that seem to be as old as the world if cave paintings is anything to
go by not to mention where those writings tend to pop up, toilet
walls, desks, dirty cars....

We all have an inherent desire to be remembered for something whether
it is grand like... like... I don't know, the FIRST person who
"discovered" Africa or as humble as the dude who invented the clothe
button and button hole who goes without hardly a moments thought when
we dress ourselves daily. We all have an I-WAS-HERE gene that seeks to
leave its stamp in this vast sea of sand before the waves of time come
and sweep all our memories away and we become like that dude who came
up with the iPhone/iPod/iPad/iThis/iThat.
But enough of this mumbo jumbo just wishing y'all a fab weekend...or
what's left of it.